Managed Services

Excellent Managed IT Specialist Service Solutions

  • We offer solution-based technical managed services conjointly with our highly specialized Security, Infrastructure, Procurement and Hospitality teams and have different ways of providing services for you in the most effective & flexible ways to allow you to focus on your core business.
  • We have strong partnerships with a broad base of vendors which allows us access to specialized support and updates.

This includes both contracted and non-contracted clients (projects, consulting, MSS etc)


  • Managed Security Services

    These highly advanced services provide businesses of any size with remote management of IT security infrastructure, based on predefined best of breed products. These include a full Managed Security Service outsourcing solution; monitoring and reporting of Firewall Managed Security Services; Intrusion detection/prevention MSS; Anti-Spam MSS and Anti-virus Managed Security Services.

  • Security Assessments and Penetration Testing

    Security Assessment based on Managed Security Services, ISO 27000, including various levels of Network penetration and vulnerability testing, Network and Physical Security analysis, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, etc. It also includes a report indicating possible security exposures and recommendations for improvements

  • Risk Management

    Provides businesses of any size with remote and on-site management of IT security infrastructure, irrespective of the underlying operating platforms or business applications in use

  • Consulting Services

    Includes the design and implementation of various security solutions such as firewall systems, intrusion detection systems (IDS),active content scanning engines as well as integration of various security Central management solutions such as Anti-virus systems, Intrusion prevention systems (IPS), Virtual Private Networks (VPN),two-factor authentication systems and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Trusted EndPoint Security Solution.

  • Managed Anti-Spam Service

    Includes the design and implementation of leading Anti-Spam Firewall Solution, based on Barracuda Networks range of products.


Managed Services are a cost effective solution for companies of all sizes with many benefits including

    The proposed “MANAGED SECURITY SERVICE” ensures that all managed devices are monitored 24/7 by SonicWALL Global Management Systems from a remote control center with qualified personnel.


    Ensuring that any availability related issues are identified immediately.


    By using the extensive expertise of a focused Managed Security Services Provider, clients will be given access to sophisticated resources at a fraction of the cost associated with developing and retaining in-house InfoSec expertise.


    Subject to purchasing the “OnCall™ Advanced Hardware Support” clients will have access to “loan” hardware. Access to such “loan” hardware ensures that Service operation can be restored in the shortest possible time.


    Ensuring that logs from managed devices are always collected & archived, and that all configuration objects and policies, comply with relevant Security Policy.

Managed Security Service: SonicWALL

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Founded in 1995, GALIX is a leading BEE provider of “Information Security” products and services, combining skills and experience with various offerings for the SMB and enterprise market. Our successful partnerships with various industry leading vendors has enabled us to have access to the preferred “Information Security” technologies, thus allowing us to offer unbiased “best-of-breed” solutions to the market place in South Africa, and other Southern African countries. The successful combination of security specialized skills, and vendor partnerships such as SonicWALL Gold Partner status, makes GALIX your preferred choice for a security partner. An increasing number of security breaches occur every year as the result of security technology being incorrectly deployed or managed. GALIX offers a comprehensive range of security services, to back up its selection of industry-leading products. The SonicWALL Managed Security Service (MSS) is provided using the SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) and covers the following:

  • SonicWALL Administration and Maintenance
  • SonicWALL Monitoring and Alerting
  • SonicWALL Logging and Reporting
  • OnCall™ Advanced Hardware Support (next business day replacement service)
  • Specialist OnCall™ Support Services: Working Hours and 24/7 service
  • Standby OnCall™ Support Services: After Hours, Weekends and Public Holidays

Galix Managed Security Services for SonicWALL PDF


The objective of a BOUNDARY SECURITY ASSESSMENT is to check the ability of the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to resist compromise from unauthorized external sources. This is not intended to be a stealth vulnerability assessment and the relevant Network and Security documentation is provided by the Network administrator. The information and the various security access controls are analyzed, and recommendations for improvement are made based upon best practices. The assessment is done in line with the International Security Standard ISO 27000.

The successful combination of security specialized skills, such as CISSP from, and Network Security certifications such as Microsoft, HP Networking, Cisco, CheckPoint, Celestix, Barracuda, Novell, TrustWave, Symantec, SonicWALL and Rapid7, makes GALIX your preferred choice for a security partner. An increasing number of security breaches occur every year as the result of security technology being incorrectly deployed. GALIX offers a comprehensive range of security services, to back up its selection of industry-leading products. As part of these services, GALIX does a Network Security Assessment based on the ISO 27000 Standard. The assessment checks Network Security Layer 2, 3 and 7 of the OSI model and provides a Gap Analysis report on how to address any potential issues

These are some of the areas covered
  • Network Boundary Protection design and implementation (includes Firewalls and Secure Remote Access)
  • Design, implementation and configuration of corporate network (includes LAN, VLAN and WLAN)
  • Network Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems
  • Network Services and Access Control
  • Network Authentication, Logging and Reporting
  • Network End-Point protection (includes Anti-Malware and Content filtering)
  • External Services Vulnerability Scan
  • Firewall Audits
  • Penetration Testing

Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence over a network by maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources. Applications are up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, costs are reduced and mobility increased.