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SEACOM was established in 2007 by a group of African investors with the objective of bringing the global Internet to Africa. Two years later, SEACOM launched the first broadband submarine cable system along the East African coastline linking South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique with major Internet connection hubs in Europe and Asia. Today, SEACOM has evolved from being a single cable operator into Africa’s foremost network service provider and ICT enabler. The company offers resilient and scalable data services across multiple submarine cable systems and diverse terrestrial networks to mobile and fixed-line network carriers, ISPs and other ICT service providers. SEACOM’s Internet Protocol network is now the largest and most advanced on the continent and is designed using advanced fiber optics that can grow and scale as Africa continues to develop. SEACOM prides itself in ensuring that its customers realise the intrinsic value of its network, by providing them with tailor-made communication solutions and world-class customer service. The company’s service offering includes dedicated private line transmission services, flexible Ethernet services as well as resilient global and regional IP transit services. SEACOM’s mission is clear; to bring affordable data connectivity and its associated benefits to all of Africa’s people.

The SEACOM network has changed the African ICT landscape and SEACOM plans to continue evolving its core infrastructure to lead Africa into the next stage of ICT Growth. SEACOM leverages its operational know-how in developing and running a best-in-class quality of service international network. SEACOM is committed to delivering the best possible broadband experience. SEACOM believes that the next generation of voice, data and video is here and believes that they can collaborate with customers and suppliers to deliver a whole new experience to the end users. SEACOM are determined to provide a world-class level of customer service to enable customers to realize the intrinsic value of our network.