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Galix Becomes SonicWALL’s First Platinum Partner in Africa!

Galix, IT services, infrastructure management and compliance specialist, has become the first ever African partner to receive SonicWall's Platinum Partner status. This is the highest status offered by SonicWall's global partner programme and is awarded only to its most prestigious partners on an invitation-only basis.

Are your employees your greatest cybersecurity risk?

Your employees provide some of the most useful access points into your business for cybercriminals.

Knowing who is most likely to be targeted, and it may not be the most obvious people, will help the organisation put the right security measures in place.

We need to educate users not just protect the business

Cybercrime has overtaken all other types of crime as humans have embraced digital technology without really understanding it. Now, as digital, mobile and social technology becomes an integral part of our personal and work lives, the score has changed – we are beginning to comprehend its weaknesses and our vulnerability… and how this unanticipated security risk extends to the enterprise.

AI opens new cyberattack front, but could also bolster defences

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way cybercriminals and their bots scan for and exploit vulnerabilities in corporate and utility networks, but the same tools can also be used to defend against adapting cyberthreats.

SA at higher risk of phishing scams

South Africa is at higher risk of data breaches stemming from phishing scams. This is according to the South Africa Phishing Response Trends Report commissioned by phishing defence solutions firm PhishMe and delivered by market survey consultant Censuswide.

Cybersecurity trends – What’s in store for South Africa in 2018

Cybersecurity is a hot topic in South Africa and in fact, the world over – in the face of recent, highly publicised cybersecurity breaches and the emergence of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) which makes the malware accessible to just about anyone with a little computer knowledge.