With POPIA now an official requirement there are questions you should be asking.

The biggest one is:

Start your POPIA compliance journey with us so we can help you comply with data privacy, keeping you and your clients safe.


Do not become a statistic. Securing Personal Information should be the goal as data breaches are occurring more and more.


As technology starts to become more a part of our lives, so too does the need for our security. As tech companies get bigger, it has become a necessity for Regulators to protect peoples’ rights to privacy. Tech Giants like Facebook and Google have received large fines from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As of 1st of July 2020 the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) came into effect. Therefore, it is critical to assess how far you are in your journey and what you need to do to become compliant.

The next question you may ask is, why should I become compliant. There are many reasons to become compliant such as:

Personal information and trust are assets.

Most businesses regard Personal Information (PI) as an essential asset. There is value to having PI which can help areas of the business perform and lead to overall good quality. The primary goal of POPIA is to keep PI secure. Any loss or damage to this information (asset) could result in a loss of profit.

Creating systems around POPIA will allow greater transparency. This will create greater trust from within your business. Customers are often swayed by whether they can trust a business or not. POPIA compliance becomes essential to your marketing strategy and may lead to increased business.

Data protection and process show you are prepared for entry into the ‘information economy’.

Non-compliance with legislation like POPIA has restricted companies’ potential and ability to transact with other companies in the ‘information economy’. The current standard being adopted internationally is the PI cannot be exchanged with companies who do not comply with data protection laws and standards. This includes such protection as GDPR.

Preventing loss of reputation

As privacy has become increasingly important to consumers, the internet has started playing more of a central role in their lives and driven their day-to-day activities. This includes how they interact and transact with companies. Privacy breaches result in losses in profit. This is now further added with the affects trust that consumers may have in the company. This also adds to issues as consumers are less likely to give companies their PI if trust is lost.

When implemented correctly POPIA compliance saves you money?

If implemented correctly POPIA should lead to a reduction in operational costs by helping to assess your risk. When risk is assessed often inefficient policies and process are revealed. This shows badly designed systems and can lead to an overall issue in quality. This can have knock on affects costing your business time and money.

Legal compliance

Gaining legal compliance brings a reduction in the risks of restrictions on processing activities, fines, and lawsuits. POPIA has established a new Information Regulator who will have wide ranging powers to prohibit the processing of PI which it deems unlawful. This can range from a maximum of a R10 million fine, 10 years imprisonment or a combination of both.

It is also worth noting that data subjects will be able to bring claims for damages against offending businesses. POPIA requires that the Information Regulator can bring these claims on their behalf.

The Ways to get your business on board.


There first step in your journey in POPIA compliance is committing to it. You can start by addressing POPIA in day-to-day management of your business. The goal is to create a habit so that it becomes second nature like any other process.

Training your workforce

Before deciding on a training provider or what may be needed, make sure to read reviews and feedback from other businesses that have undergone POPIA training. Many sources offer POPIA training. Remember you get what you pay for.

Find your data!

The best way to find out how personal information flows through your business. Understanding how its information interacts with your current business processes is a must and helps you identify potential risks.

Secure your data!

Performing a risk assessment will help identify areas of your business that show the highest area of threat. The next step is securing it. Understanding what you may need allows us to find the perfect pricing model to suit your needs for securing information.

POPIA Compliance is good for your business and your customers deserve having piece of mind that their information is safe.

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